Skip Brewing Commercial Shoot

I was recently commissioned to do some shots by Matthew for a new brand Beer called Skip Brewing. We had a fantastic wonderland photoshoot thanks to Rory for his fantastic large variety of vintage collection i have ever seen. Rory's collection ranging from pinball machines, jukebox to uber cool vintage operating table!

Idea behind the shoot was to be a vintage 1920s era and advertising non alcoholic beer. Yes you heard it right! NON Alcoholic Beer. What a unique product and cool idea.

I would like to thank the following people:

Client: Skip Brewing (matt)

Photographer: Ze 
Photographers assistant:  Lauren Ireland 

  • Stylist: Laura Przetak 
  • Machine Stylist : Rory  
  • Videographer: Kat Willson  
  • Makeup Artist: Taryn Elliott from Summer Hues Makeup 
  • Hairdresser: Lisa Polini from Hype Hair Studio 
  • Coordinator: Annie Marmanillo  

Models Names 

  • Tea Karajcic 
  • Cheryl Choe 
  • Nikki Dagostino  
  • Kammi - KS Trainer 
  • Lisa howe 
  • Kate - Getter Jaanus 
  • Nyima McNamara