Em & Anh's Pre Wedding

I spent last weekend shooting Em & Anh's pre wedding session at the Melville Nursery in Carmel. Weather was fantastic and not even a single cloud in the sky during the photoshoot. I set out to do the shoot more relaxed as they are both very shy and not very experienced in front of a camera.

I had plenty of fun taking shots and joking around together with Tai who tagged along to practice his skills as he was the Groom's brother. I gave Tai some pointers on how he should shoot the photos and what he should look for in a shot but he seems to be puzzled on why he cannot get his shots to look the way he wants to look even though the camera gear were very similar to mine. 

We finished the afternoon together over lunch and coffee and some quick chat about the wedding day before i left them to get ready for the evening round. 

Below are the second stage shots we took during a quick sunset with the city backdrop. Was quite happy with the photos even though the shoot was very casual and i still got to play around with some lighting setups to make it slightly edgy and different. Hope you guys like the photos.